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"And you are going to consult four large pizzas for guidance."

Sanya in Dresden Files: Changes (via crownsandashes)

Shhhhh. Pizza is the best invention humanity has ever come up with.

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This is not just an rp blog.


This is an ask blog, as well. As in, come into my askbox, anon or not, and talk to my character. I am always open for conversation.


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What was your reaction when you'd figured out that Oberon wanted you and your other siblings to return to Avalon?

"… Well. Fuck that shit. I am not going anywere."

Yeah, more or less that.

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Send me a ✿ and my muse will react to your muse putting a flower in their hair

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Reblog if you RP a character from The Dresden Files.



Whether it’s the book series or the TV show.

Genderbents and OCs welcome.

Find your fandom here.

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Gloria Scholik 

People say this is what faeries look like.

I laugh. And laugh. And laugh.

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Face That We Hide (acrusadeagainststupid)



He didn’t immediately denounce what had happened, but given the look on his face she reasoned it was because he knew as well as she there was no point in getting terribly angry about what had happened so long ago and far away. But he did look like she’d won some sympathy, so there was that.

Eyes sliding half-closed under the gentle touch, she leaned a little into him. Touch was good, Touch felt nice. Touch like this was calming. “A hobgoblin is the kind of fae I was turned into,” she clarified. “In those days, the hobgoblins weren’t so hated, and my Lord wanted… well, to be blunt, he wanted a companion and a Knight who could take both care of herself and… enforce his will, when necessary. Even among the Sidhe, an angry hobgoblin makes one hell of an immediate impression, you know?”

His lips formed a thin line before he nodded slightly, and it wasn’t long before he was done patching her up. He took the rag he’d been using to clean her wounds and refolded it, starting to use it to wipe the dirt and grime from her skin where she had not been hurt. “Yeah, okay… I get that. That sounds about right for someone in Faerie, to be honest. But I take it you didn’t quite end up being exactly what he wanted.”

She made a mental note to do something nice for Harry here soon. Not… strictly to repay the debt- she had, after all, offered him friendship, and friends did not keep track of debts. It wasn’t something she offered casually, or often- but the gesture often paid very agreeable dividends, and it was beneficial to return the favor.

For now, at least, he would get her story- the most important parts of it, anyway.

"I suppose in the long run, I didn’t," she admitted, turning a little to let him get at the worse of the grime. "It wasn’t long after the war when my Lord decided that Titania and his subjects were… too arrogant. Too out of touch with the mortals and the mortal world we’re theoretically supposed to defend. There’s admittedly little he can do about Winter and Summer directly, because they have a great deal of autonomy and have duties, but he disbanded the King’s Court, ordering his people to live among mortals for a thousand years until they learned a measure of humility. Even the Summer Queen did- part-time, given her duties."

Duties. Did Harry have any notion of what the real purpose of the Courts were? Winter, to fight off the horrors of the Outsiders. Summer, to heal the damage and tend the wounded- or if need be, burn out those tainted by contact with the Outside. And Oberon’s Court, to keep both in line and, in theory, focused on the reason they were fighting. Oberon’s Court, while the smallest of the three, was the Court most historically tied to the mortal world and to the mortals.

Except the internal strife had cracked that focus and that tie, making many of Oberon’s followers crueler and more arrogant, more disdainful of the mortals they were supposed to champion. Even the King himself had fallen prey to that kind of thinking, though when he had scattered his Court he had not been the worst of them.

Oh how that had changed.

"The Scattering was just over a thousand years ago. His subjects- Oberon’s Children, we’re sometimes called- did disband to live among mortals, to re-learn our humility and our connection to this world. Most of us did, to some degree at least, even the Queen. Some of us remembered it more than others- in the tales we are the helpful fae, the ones who are compassionate towards humanity, the fairy godmothers and the Three Good Fairies."

She laughed then. “And if you’ve seen the arrogance some of the Children still hold even to this day, you must know that was a genuine improvement over how they were when they were Scattered. Including my Lady. But anyway, I spent the first part of that thousand years mostly at my Lord’s side. Keeping him amused, keeping him company, his jester and Knight. Over time, he would send me off on tasks, or leave me to my own devices. Before the Gathering, I had not seen him for the better part of two centuries. He- well, really, we both changed a lot in that time. About ten or eleven years back, I found that my Queen had attached herself to a particular mortal man, marrying him and bearing his child. By then their daughter was mostly grown, but I was curious as to what had drawn my Queen to this man. I made myself a new persona and inserted myself into her husband’s company. He did a lot of scientific and technological research- robotics and cybernetics, mostly. Interesting work, but my Queen’s persona and her husband were almost mind-numbingly boring. Their daughter and her boyfriend, who at the time was starting up his own tech company in New York, were much more interesting. So I started working for the boyfriend. David, his name is.”

David Xanatos. Such a delightful man, as cunning and crafty as her cousin Coyote. Working with him, even in the guise of her bland alter ego Owen Burnett, was always fun.

"I’ll skip the details for now, but working for David was wonderful. I eventually told him who I was, and he chose my persona over a magical gift from me- I admit, that impressed me. So I stayed with him, became… almost family, really. When the time came for the Gathering, I found I didn’t want to go back."

Now her expression turned dark. “My Lord was angered, and he came to find me. David’s son was born the night of the Gathering. Being of Fae blood, of Titania’s bloodline, and too young to Choose, my Lord was determined to Gather him as well. I… refused to let him. We all did, David and Titania’s daughter and their mortal families, and their allies.”

No need to explain now how she’d feared so to face her lord and master. No need to explain now how Owen had set up defenses to keep the Fae King at bay- and then fled, abandoning David and his family. She had returned to stand with them against Oberon, that was what mattered.

"We defied my Lord’s will. I- defied him. I fought him, refused to let him take the child. For my betrayal, he banished me, exiling me from his side and his Court. For learning the compassion he bade his Children to learn. Maybe a thousand years ago I was what he wanted. Not anymore."

Puck turned her face away from the human wizard who tended her, her expression full of emotions- resentment, anger, the bitter grief and helpless rage of one once beloved and now cast aside. She had questioned her choice every day these past five years- but had also questioned whether she could have lived with herself had she allowed Oberon to take David and Fox’s son.

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Elisa Maza by new-ereon

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Which season do you love the most of all four, Puck?

Autumn. Season of the harvest, season of the hunt, the first refreshing breath of cold and changing winds, a relief from the heat of summer before cold winter sets in. Season of change, season of Samhein, of bright colors and celebration.